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Ben Schachter: Press

"If the news hasn't reached you, then listen up! Saxophonist Ben Schachter is one of the sharpest improvisers in modern jazz."
Glenn Astarita - AllAboutJazz
"...Schachter's tenor practically bursts at the seams with feeling..."
Marc Meyers - AllAboutJazz
"...the power of...Dave Holland...or Steve Coleman...the authority of Joe Lovano..."
Jason Bivins - Cadence
"...Ben Schachter's Trio of Many is working on a new style of freedom and democracy."
Daniel Pietrowski - JazzTimes

"....beautifully arranged interludes offset by passages of boundless improvising...something special is happening here."

Micheal Mellia - JazzImprov
"...Schachter writes peppery tunes that tapdance on the subconscious before his searing saxophone takes over to blow down the house."
Karl Stark - Philadelphia Inquirer
"...advanced harmonic capabilities and fluid, sure-fire rhythmic drive....a personal and present-tense sound."
Nate Chinen - Philadelphia CityPaper
"He plays with a tone like a fine carving knife -- buffed and burnished and sharpened to a fine edge."
David Dupont - Cadence
"...has a fire in his soul that he vents through angular, topsy-turvy bop explosions."
Brian Howard - Philadelphia CityPaper
"...Schachter fired up his heavy tenor to display some serious monster chops...he could be king of the mountain."
Ken Weiss - Cadence
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