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Ben Schachter: Lessons & Clinics

Lessons, Masterclasses and Clinics

For lesson inquiries, contact me here (


I also offer clinics and masterclasses on;


IMPROVISATION: These clinics represent a unique approach to studying and practicing the art of improvisation. Through experiences teaching improvisation to all levels of students - from beginning improvisors to advanced graduate students - a novel method of “demystifying” the act has been developed. Emphasis is placed on fundamental instrumental, theoretical and aural skills being employed in a personal manner to offer the student the experience of improvising meaningfully.


THE MUSIC OF THELONIOUS MONK: I have long been fascinated by the music of this great Master. I have studied, analyzed, taught, interpreted, arranged, adapted and performed this music for years. Let's talk about Monk!


ODD METERS: Adapting existing material (standards, etc.) to odd, compound or multiple meters. This offers a fresh perspective from which to improvise on familiar material. It makes the experience new again, and forces the improvisor to create. Emphasis is placed on physically feeling these new metric landscapes - grooving rather than counting. This is NOT a mathematical study of metric or rhythmic relationships.


SMALL GROUP PERFORMANCE: Working with ensembles from Duo to Octet developing concepts of interaction, accompaniment, arrangement, improvisation, etc.


Some of the places I have conducted clinics and masterclasses; Arizona State University, University of California at San Diego, Saddleback College, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Colorado at Boulder, Morehead State College, Swarthmore College, the University of Arizona, Rotterdam Conservatory, Royal Conservatory of Den Haag, Rowan University, Westchester University, Boston University...