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Ben Schachter: Lessons & Clinics

I've begun giving lessons via Skype. It works quite well! If you're interested, contact me at
I also offer clinics and masterclasses on;
IMPROVISATION: These clinics represent a unique approach to studying and practicing the art of improvisation. Through experiences teaching improvisation to all levels of students - from beginning improvisors to advanced graduate students - a novel method of “demystifying” the act has been developed. Emphasis is placed on fundamental instrumental, theoretical and aural skills being employed in a personal and creative manner to offer the student the liberating (indeed spiritual) experience of improvising meaningfully.
THE MUSIC OF THELONIOUS MONK: I have long been fascinated by the music of this great Master. I have studied, analyzed, taught, interpreted, arranged, adapted and performed this music for years. Let's talk about Monk!
ODD METERS: Adapting existing material (standards, etc.) to [...]
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